The 10 W and 100 W Solar Panel Review

Solar panels can be used to power homes, boats, and RVs. They come in different designs and sizes depending on the wattage. The most common solar panels include the 10w, 50 w, 100w, and 200w. These are solar panels meant for domestic, commercial and industrial use. To help give you a better understanding, it is best to consult solar companies like solar panels Perth before you decide on installing a system.

When buying the panels, you need not focus on the price at which they retail. Instead, pay more attention on price per watt. This is what determines the efficiency of the solar panel. These panels can be connected in parallel or series to give you the voltage you require for your application. Anyone looking for a 200 watt solar panel has many options. It can be two 100w solar panels or four 50 w solar panels and connect them in parallel to get the desired power output.

Most of the manufacturers of the panels are aware of the colossal amount of money the investment requires. This is the reasons why they give a warranty on these products. Therefore checking if the solar panel comes with a warranty gurantees replacement in a case where you buy a panel only to realize that it is not working after installing.

The 10 w10W High-Efficiency Mono-Crystalline panel can be used to charge car battery. This panel produces a current of over half an ampere. This current is sufficient for battery car charging. The unit is capable of an output of 21.9 volts when placed on a direct sunlight and can give as much as 17 volts while in the shade. It has an aluminum frame that makes it very sturdy. It can be mounted using the available six holes and comes with a 20 to 22 gauge wire 35 inches long.


• The 10 w solar panel is compact small and of good quality.
• Although the product may come from different manufacturers, it performs better than other sizes and will mostly meet their rates specs.
It is efficient and has a small surface
• It is durable and will give you better service especially if you live in a climate that is subject to snow and hail.
• It can handle a wider temperature range of between 40 degrees to 185 degrees fahrenheight.

• They do not have the blocking diodes – this makes the battery to easily discharge through the cells.
• Require regular clean up and maintenance.
It is a great product that will give you great value but requires the blocking diode to give you the required service.

On the other hand, the monocrystalline 100 w solar panel is a high efficient solar panel you should consider buying. It can withstand strong wind and its performance is excellent in low light environment. It has a 30 Amp charger controller unit that can be expanded to suit the unit you have. The charger controller should be close to the solar panel but you can extend it using cables and long wiring. It is ideal for creating off-grid solar system and has a great output. For more information, click here.

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